Zephyrr German Silver Earrings With Carved Sanskrit Shloka Mantra Chunky Dangle

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Zephyrr offers this amazing German Silver earring set which features a Sanskrit Mantra (a Vedic hymn) and dangling filigree work trinkets. The three statements are referred to as the three Pavamana Mantras: Om asato mā sad gamaya, tamaso mā jyotir gamaya, mṛtyor mā amṛtaṃ gamaya! This translates to: Om, from falsehood lead me to truth, From darkness lead me to the light, From death lead me to immortality! This quirky jewelry is apt to flaunt with all types of clothes for every kind of occasion. Earring Length= 2 inch. All Zephyrr products are proudly made in India with finest quality material, be it contemporary metal, chic crystal or boho style stone. We trust our products and will never sell anything that we won't use ourselves.